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Five Financial Stepping Stones

Check these 5 steps and identify your current situation, go for the next step and move towards the last step of opulence. 1. Instability Here you are deep in debt and almost hopeless. Independence and freedom seem impossible and you have no... Read More | Share it now!

Steps to start investing in listed shares and exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Mindset: decide that you want to do it and prepare your mind to assume a good investor attitude.   Investment account(s): Open investment accounts with one JSE member stockbroker, one ETF platform, and one online easy share... Read More | Share it now!

Time is money!

The waste of time is the waste of money. Time is primary resource number 1 given to everybody. The constraint of time is equally available in portions of 24 hours every day for everybody living. There will never be a day where you will be given 4... Read More | Share it now!

Appreciating Assets.

An appreciating asset is something that adds value to your financial position. Anything else that is doing the opposite is a liability. Let us say it again differently: An appreciating asset puts money in your pocket and a liability take money out... Read More | Share it now!

#001: Introduction: Investing in Appreciating Assets

Content hosted by Mos Maja shares info about the top wealth generating assets use by rich people all over the world. It’s amazing how people have continued to ignore these and remain in debt and poor. Knowledge is potential power. Applied... Read More | Share it now!

Learn to Invest in Property / Real Estate – The Ultimate

Like business and shares, property is an appreciating asset and many people believe that it is the ultimate investment and this is not far from the truth. Property can be divided into three different types: residential, commercial and industrial... Read More | Share it now!

Goal Setting

Goal setting is the process of deciding on something you want, planning how to get it, and then working towards the objective. The smart approach to goal setting is to start off by determining a dream, planning backwards to achieve what is wanted, and... Read More | Share it now!

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